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What is the total amount of frames produced during this connectivity test? [closed]

        I have this topology, and I am asked to make a connectivity test between PC1 and PC2. Each ICMP message will have a length of 10000B, and 5 messages will be sent. It's basically saying: ping pc1 -c 5 -s 10000
I specified in red the MTU of each link. The route will be: PC-R1, R1-R3, R3-R2, R2-PC2, because you must use the auxiliar path, not the main one (PC1-R1, R1-R2, R2-PC2). The amount of data to send will be 10000B+8B due to the ICMP header=10008B. I am asked to report the amount of frames generated during the connectivity test, and I don't know if taking into consideration that a new frame will be produce in each router, or just report the amount of frames generated by the PCs. I did the following: 10008B are going to be sent over a link with 600B MTU, that means I would be able to send 580B of data, but 580B is not divisible by 8, so I took 576B, then I am going to send 10008/576=17.375 frames, but frames must be integers, so I must take 18 to meet the requirements. Then, when the first 17 frames reach R1, the fragments within them will be fragmented in 3 parts, due to the MTU of 300B at the R1-R3 link, so I will have a total of 173+1=52 frames produced. 52 frames produced for the ICMP echo request, and then 52 frames for the ICMP echo reply, and this is going to be repeated 5 times: 5225=520 frames in total, but I am completely ignoring the frames produced in each router, which I consider a mistake. The other option would be: (18 frames produced by PC1 +173*3+3)25, I don't know if there is a third way, or something I am not taking into account. enter image description here

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