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What Must Be Done Before The Grinding Wheel Is Installed?

The fast working grinding wheel is subject to rigorous inspection before they can be used.

The following is a brief introduction to the work before use:

1. Check if the fast working grinding wheel is damaged or is a “tofu” project. The specific method is to use a wooden hammer or a leather hammer to gently tap the diamond grinding wheel to carefully check whether there is ***** or abnormal sound. Generally, there is a cracking mute, indicating that the grinding wheel has certain quality problems and it is strictly forbidden to use.

2. Check the stability of the ******. When installing the diamond grinding wheel, make sure that the ****** is strong. The outer diameters of the two flanges must be the same, and the diameter should not be less than one third of the diameter of the grinding wheel. A gasket or a watch of elastic material is placed between the ****** and the fast working grinding wheel. The thickness is usually 1-1.5 mm, and the gasket is pressed against the surface of the diamond wheel by the ******.

3. When installing the fast working grinding wheel, you must find the center of the grinding wheel, and install the ****** to check whether the outer circle of the grinding wheel is concentric with the main shaft, and ensure that at least one side of the grinding wheel is perpendicular to the center line of the main shaft. When the outer diameter of the grinding wheel is larger than 150 mm, pay attention to balance first after installing the ******. Then it is put on the grinding machine for dressing. After the dressing, the balance check should be carried out again, and it can be used after checking.

4. The size of the fast working grinding wheel aperture should be accurate to 0.01mm, to ensure that the spindle with the grinding machine is properly tight, not too large or too small.

5. Fixed grinding wheel can use a special nut wrench, tighten the nut, it is forbidden to use supplementary fixtures, wedges or tapping tools.

6. When pressing the ****** with screws or nuts, it must be performed symmetrically on the opposite sides of the main shaft, and tightened in several times.

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