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Visit most expensive cities of world and enjoy all that you desire.

If it’s your first time visiting Dubai, you may rightly be confused about what to wear in Dubai and what to pack for Dubai.

What To Wear in Dubai

First, let me say this: Dubai is a city in the UAE, which is an Islamic country. The local culture is Islamic, even though a majority of the population in Dubai is made up of expats, many (but not all) of whom are from the West. Traditional Dubai clothing is modest, classic and beautiful, and modern versions can also be high-fashion.

As someone who was born and raised in Dubai, and spent most of my adult life here, I squirm in irritation when I see someone dressed inappropriately in a shopping mall, to the movies, or on the metro. It’s easy for me to see, quite plainly and obviously, why a certain attire might be completely wrong in Dubai.

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I’m all for cultural exchange and female empowerment, and so are the locals in the UAE. You only have to look to the achievements of the fierce, independent Emirati women here to know that. And even as the ******** feminist that I am, I believe that dressing respectfully is a matter of showing regard for the sanctity of local culture in someone else’s home

How Fashionable is Dubai?

I’ve traveled a fair bit and after spending long periods of time in other cities, I can safely say that Dubai is a very fashionable city, like London, Milan, and New York. Dubai loves dressing up and the city’s residents love showing off their brands (if they own them) and/or their creativity and individual sense of style. When it comes to your packing list for Dubai, don’t feel like you have to play safe.

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