What type of Cat5e cable is this?

I am a fairly new networker and today I was terminating some cable at a gas station that is being built. The network cable that had been run from the gas pumps to the wiring closet confused the crap out of me for 2 main reasons.

  1. All the wire pairs were together (for example, the white/blue and blue pair was not 2 separate wires twisted together, it was 1 insulator that had both wires and both colors on it and you had to use a knife to separate them. I had issues with this as it would be too easy to accidentally cut the wire with your knife. (See Picture 1 below where I had separated a little at the top, but before I had pulled the rest apart). This would also sometimes completely pull the insulation off one of the pairs, exposing the wire.

  2. The cable itself is smaller than normal cable, which caused issues with my normal stripper and I had to get creative to strip the cable jacket off.

I had never seen a cable like this before and after working with it, I have decided I definitely do not like it. However, I was wondering if there was some reason that it was designed like this (maybe to do with gas pumps and some legal issue or something).

I also took 2 pictures of the writing on the jacket in case it gives you any clues as to why the cable was like this, but I think I can only have 1 picture at a time.

I tried doing some research, but couldn't find anything, so I figured you guys could help me out.

I am new to stack exchange, so if I accidentally did something I wasn't supposed to, please let me know instead of just down-voting and not telling me why (that happened on my first question a couple months ago).

It is a little blurry, I apologize

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