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What’s the best IoT Web Application Architecture for scale

So I built an agritech hardware project (using esp32s and stm32s) that collects sensor data (temp humidity, audio frequency, weight (hx711) etc) and I was sending the data to InfluxDB and then visualising it on Grafana and setting up conditional alerts (temp too high, Humidity too low etc)

Now that I have tested the hardware bit, I’m trying to scale things up and start a small local business of my own.

I want my app to encompass the following features: - A create account and login interface (client dashboard) - The client dashboard should have features such as add a device with Device ID (to add the monitor) - A list of all the devices that can be presented on a map as well as a list - Visualized charts of all the incoming data (mostly graphs and charts) - We want to set certain conditions and send notifications based on those conditions with custom messaging. For example, a notification when the temperature or humidity is too high/low - An alert center that consists of all the notifications that the client has received - Customization of visual dashboards to visualize conditions (if the temperature has risen/dropped above a certain point, the chart changes color or displays a text) —

Now when it comes to the software side, I’m not so knowledgeable so I wanted to outsource a few people to get the job done. Different local companies have given me entirely different project architectures and costs.

I need some device on the kind of engineers that I need to look for, for stuff like this. Do I need to hire guys who can work with stuff like NodeRed and React Angular or should I go for an existing IoT suite like Azure/AWS and deploy an app there. I know I sound like idk what I’m doing (that’s because I don’t :p) Any help would be appreciated

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