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where does the running-config come from in a new fresh switch?

Last updated on September 12, 2023

        Generally, in a fresh switch, I see a startup-configuration.
Switch#show startup-config
startup-config is not present

But when I do ‘sh run’ I see a default running config in it. Where does this default running configuration load from? Is it from the ROM?

When there is no startup-config, then it will not show any startup-config.
If I do a ‘show run’ in a fresh switch it shows me some output (some default settings like the ios version, hostname, interfaces details being set to auto etc). So some details of the running-config are there. Where do these come from?

It can also tried it in a lab.

Do a erase startup-config. Do a reload.

Then do a “sh run”. It will show some output. I was just thinking where does this running-config come from?

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