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Which media converter should i use? [closed]

        I have a need to connect to a network 500meters away. I was thinking that running a fiber line would be the best way to do it. Although im familiar with how fiber works, im not really experienced with the technologies around it.

So basically i would need a media converter to convert ethernet cat 5/6 into fiber and back to ethernet again. I looked up some offerings and basically there are three types.

  • The one with a SFP port TL-FC311A-20 20$
  • The one with a single fiber port MC210CS 20$
  • The one with a dual fiber port MC220L 50$

Can anyone anyone help me differentiate the performance of the 3? I would assume that the single fiber port is the cheapest, since it does not need anything else to to work and only needs a single core fiber cable. In my place i can get it at 20$ for 20km which should be enough fairly enough. A 2km version is also available for the same exact price, but is there a reason why i should get that instead of 20km?

The SFP port is the next cheapest the device itself i can get for 20$ but i would still need to buy a SFP plug, i would assume the distance would be depending on the plug. Any reason why i should do it this way? I would assume i should use these if there are already runs with SFP terminations in them? the SFP seems like a unecessary step compared to the single fiber port version

The dual fiber port. This is the most expensive option, not only the device cost 2.5 times, i would also need to use a dual core fiber. Why should i go this route? Is it more reliable? Do i get better speed ? but these are only gigabit so it might not matter. Or this is just for existing runs that needs duplex connections

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