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Who is Shazi Ahmad Siddiqui

Shazi Ahmad Siddiqui is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Their DIN is 08113351. Following is their current and past directorship holdings.

Shazi Ahmad Siddiqui is a prominent businessman who was born in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh India. He obtained his early education from Lucknow and did his masters from Delhi. He started his own business at a very young age. He with his zeal and firm determination succeeded in business very early. He is very frim determined person with a zeal and emthuasism and is always hungry for success and perfection in his work.

He was born and bought in Lucknow, was a very bright student since the school time. Shazi was also a very good athletic as he has won many races. Lucknow marathon he won three times. He is the director of Harvest Holding Pvt ltd and brewsmith hospitality. He is also a great social worker who is always ready to help the needy one. #lucknow #india

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