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Why can’t two hosts (in two different logical networks) connected to each other through cross-over cable communicate?

Last updated on January 2, 2019

        Let us say, i have two computers (hosts) <em>A</em> and <em>B</em>. Where <em>A</em> has been assigned an IP address of and host <em>B</em> has been assigned an IP address of
And both of them has been connected to each other over a Ethernet cross-over cable. Now I see that both the computers can't communicate with each other! Ping fails from either sides. I am simulating this using Cisco Packet Tracer. Could someone explain why there is a problem here? Why can't two hosts communicate here?
To give more clarity to the question i am adding the visualization. enter image description here Default gateway address is set to and respectively on host A and host B
PS: After seeing lot of answer my fellow community members' response, i would like to make it clear that - I understand placing a router between the 2 hosts would make it work. However I was looking for a technical reason why the networked system with the above mentioned topology fail to work! I was looking at what are all the protocol that are triggered in this scenario for the communication between the hosts A and B and which protocol would fail and for what reason.

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