Why do Wi-Fi devices suddenly become unable to see each other, while they can still see Ethernet devices, on my low-end router/modem?

        As part of a fiber switchover I'll soon be replacing the ancient Netgear DG834GU ADSL2+ modem + Wi-Fi router I've been using for the past few years. Before I finally retire this old thing (which, if I'm honest, has overall performed better than I really expected it would), I want to chase down and root-cause the one bug the unit has surfaced which has bugged me for a while.
After some indeterminate period of time - which seems to average around a few days - attempts to reach Wi-Fi devices from other Wi-Fi devices results in No route to host from either peer. I am always able to reach anything connected via Ethernet from Wi-Fi (and vice versa, so for quite a while I ran ncat to forward a bunch of ports to different devices so I could consistently reach them). The router runs Linux and the firmware has a backdoor (/setup.cgi?todo=debug) that lets me telnet as root, so digging around is not impossible. Where should I start? What sorts of things should I try and capture, before and after I observe the bug?

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