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Why everyone thinks I am so quiet, low energy and calm (when they try to be nice)?

I had an experience and I'm wondering if anyone had a similar experience and they know what was the reason for them (I know reasons can be different). I have been told a lot in my life before even since I was young, that I don't express my feelings (meaning I do not scream in happiness when someone gives me a gift 🙄), or recently I've been told that I'm too calm and low energy where I do not feel like that at all. And I don't feel like that at all about myself. I feel like I express my feelings enough and I have a lot of energy which I've put to my education, my career, my family, my relationship, my self care and I also party a lot and I dance util 4 am (I don't know what else is called energetic!). And I keep getting it from people that are my friends and are so nice to me. And this makes me upset. Because I'm getting these negative comments and I don't feel like it's fair. Maybe it's because of my face, that is the only thing I can think of. My face is round and my brows look a bit sad.

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