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Why my husband is different????

<*** class="md">I was a bubbly, lovely girl. Marriage was my dream. I was a social butterfly during my college days. I love to have boyfriends but i left all those fantasies in my mind due to my dream to have "a man and a marriage". From 9th grade i started planning for my feeling for my hubby. During my college days, i started dreaming about him especially during my sleep time. I started noting down things how should my marriage day should be in my diary from college itself. I got 10+ love offers during all my 8 years of college life which i ignored even though i liked that feeling. I was not a book worm but a lovable girl who like jokes and get along with boys very easily because i had only 3-4 girl friends. Always my group of friends' circle was so big.

Later and during college days i got a handful genuine marriage proposals from the time i finished pre-degree and keep on coming……Me and my parents want me to have a master's degree and a professional course. I started seriously started thinking about marriage when my parents started looking for me from my master's 2nd year. I rejected lots of guys until i say ok to the guy i randomly met during one of my weekend vacation from college.


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