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WIFI data transfer stops when trafic increases over an old and 25 meter long RJ45 cable [closed]

        In my home I'm using a 25 meter RJ45 cable to feed a remote part of the house with Internet. I installed a D-Link router (now that I'm at work I don't have the model specs, but it costed 130 € and is probably 4 years old) that has a 4 port RJ45 Hub and an antenna for WIFI.
While the transfer rate over cable does not give any problems, it seems that the WIFI signal is dependent on the load that is produced over Ethernet. If the load is high, then the devices that are connected through WIFI suffer timeouts, losses and total freezings that are only solved with a reset of the router. I had switched the frequencies of the WIFI Signal from auto to all specific frequencies in the past and the guys I'm living with suggest me to buy a new router, but to me it looks more like a cable issue. The cable was already there when I moved in that flat about 17 years ago. Can these issues be related to the cable? Any comment is appreaciated. Martin

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