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Wilderness review – Jenna Coleman craves ****** in a fun, fun, fun revenge thriller

The actor is as terrific as ever in this twisty treat of a series about a wife taking revenge on her cheating husband – during the trip of a lifetime Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, they say and have said for a long time now. This is not quite true. Generally speaking, hell hath no fury like a man thwarted in even the most minor way from achieving any goal. I admit this has neither the same ring to it nor much power to advance the patriarchy, so I shall not insist upon its adoption in the service of mere truth. But! It does make a story built round righteous female fury a refreshingly fun rather than grimly realistic endeavour. So then, to Wilderness – a six-episode adaptation by Marnie Dickens of BE Jones’s thriller of the same name, starring Jenna Coleman and Oliver Jackson-Cohen as newlyweds Liv and Will Taylor who do not get to revel in marital bliss for long. This is because Liv discovers, shortly after leaving her job, friends and family to relocate to New York for Will’s career, that he has been sticking it to a woman called Cara (Ashley Benson) on the regular. After the initial shock subsides and Will organises an epic trip through the US national parks that Liv has always wanted to take, she resolves to push him off the edge of the Grand Canyon. Video evidence of the carnal knowledge shared by Will and Cara is provided beforehand to put aside any questions the viewer may have about whether the final twist is going to be that Liv was paranoid all along and Will has been splatted for no good reason. Wilderness is on Prime Video Continue reading...

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