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Wireless network setup for a whole building [closed]

        I want to locally host a node js backend website that is only going to be available on a lan connection. The location i want the network to be available is a 1300 m^2 area 15 story building. The whole building has cat cables already set up. What i want to achieve is once the user is connected to the network they get access to the website. Now I also want the user to access the website when connected wirelessly so i want to set up a router connection which will be available across the whole area (1300 m^2). Now the standard way of doing this,if im not mistaken, is to set up 1 router then multiple access points (meshs) on each floor. My question is, is there a way to use like 1 huge range router set up on the roof or so that can broadcast across the whole area? If so what kind of router is that and is it reliable? Im asking this because there was this company around where i used live where their wifi network range was so long that the whole neighborhood, around (30000 m^2), had an excellent signal. Is this possible and how so?

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