Wireshark logging same error on client and server

        I did some testing in Socket Programming with JAVA and analyzed my traffic with wireshark. SetUp: 1 Server running a <code>new ServerSocket(PORT)</code> and 1 Client running a <code>new Socket(IP, PORT)</code>. Server and Client are two separated machines, connected by an ethernet cable with IPs and subnet set manually.
For the case of me starting the server first configuring it and then starting the client (same IP, same PORT), everything went as expected. However one time I accidentally didn't start the server and ran the client. As exepected, I got a runtime exception as the client socket couldn't connect to the server as it wasn't running. When I looked at the network logs in Wireshark, I imagined the log of the server to be quite untouched and seeing the error of the rejected connection only on the client (with ACK -> SYN & RST). However I saw the same message on both the server and the client. I made screenshots of both the client and server log, see below. Client: network log client Server: enter image description here Can anyone explain this behavior?

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