Yes, he can: Obama debuts as Sherlock Holmesian detective

Along with Watsonian sidekick Joe Biden, the former president has embarked on a crimefighting career in Hope Never Dies by Andrew Shaffer Step aside Holmes and Watson; back off Poirot and Hastings. A new pair of amateur sleuths are hitting town this month: Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Andrew Shaffer’s Hope Never Dies opens as Biden, his narrator, mopes around the house shortly after the 2016 presidential election. Obama is “on the vacation to end all vacations”, and his former vice president is scrolling through old text messages they sent each other, feeling left behind as he watches paparazzi videos of the 44th president kayaking with Justin Trudeau and base jumping with Bradley Cooper. Then, in a satisfyingly noirish scene, he hears “flint striking metal”, and sees “a slim figure in his black hand-tailored suit” in the trees: Continue reading...

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