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Are you and your partner confused about going forward with surrogacy in Canada? You should know some of the basic surrogacy laws in Canada before taking the leap. If you’re wondering ‘Is surrogacy legal in Canada?’ the answer is yes. However, only altruistic surrogacy is legal, where the surrogate is reimbursed for costs such as ticket and hotel bookings, medical expenses, etc. When any extra fee is paid, making it commercial surrogacy, the process is illegal. As with all altruistic surrogacy, the surrogacy cost in Canada depends on the expenses of the surrogate, and cannot be averaged. It is incredibly vital to create an iron strong contract between the surrogate mother and intended parents, to ensure that both parties are on the same page about the process. In order to do this, surrogacy consultancies make sure that all legal and screening aspects are taken care of. Global Star Surrogacy are leading experts, offering surrogacy consultation. With an in-depth knowledge of the legal aspects of surrogacy all over the world, we help both, the surrogate, as well as the intended parents have a stress-free and pleasant process. Consult our experts, for a one-of-a-king surrogacy experience.

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