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Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration: Major Benefits of This Migration

Though Magento 2 launched and upgraded with various new features, the reports say that just 56, 134 sites out of 209, 904 have been migrated to Magento 2. Leaving 153, 770 merchants exposed to the risk of unsupported software starting in June 2020.

Magento 2 is a big and most crucial update of the year. And, why e-retailers need to pay heed to this MIGRATION thing is due to


As official support is ending, so there end security updates
As Magento 2 is happening, no more innovative features will be added to Magento 1
With growing hackers, Magento 1 is more prone to hacking threats
If you still think that it is not a big deal, and your store may survive than let’s dig deeper into this all Migrating Thing. You can even consult a Magento development agency whether this migration thing is required for your store or not after reading further.

With Magento 2 Migration going viral in the eCommerce industry, you must be wondering – “what all this fuss about Magento 2 when my estore is working, so-called – ‘OK… OK…’ With Magento 2 upgrading, your site overall performance improves starting from being mobile responsive, fit in all devices with the best performance to improved speed and shopping experience.

Advanced And Flexible Architecture

With more upgraded code, Magento 2 is easier, simpler and flexible to use. From supporting incredible extensions, and theming capabilities to extended APIs, it has all.

Enhanced Features
More added features and enhanced functionalities, Magento 2 in stores for the new age eCommerce stores to compete and meet the changing demands. And, Magento eCommerce development services can effectively leverage the best of Magento 2 features for next-gen estores.

Improved productivity
The Magento 2 version has more advanced Admin Panel that includes an exclusive and user-friendly interface that can be managed effectively. The upgraded control panel provides more power to handle and critical information with ease; quadruple the speed of importing products that enhance business productivity.

Enhanced Performance And Scalability
Magento 2 providing fast delivery of web pages, it also boosts server response times for all websites. The latest version has also improved the proficiency of backend operations as well as flexibility and scalability of the database during heavy traffic. Overall, Magento 2 provides improved performance and scalability.

Secure Payment Gateway
Security being the most important part of online shopping, Magento 2 comes with new compatibility with secure payment gateways. Normally, Magento website development services look for more secure systems for providing secured transactions during online shopping.

Easy To Maintain And Upgrade
To cover up numerous errors of Magento 1, Magento 2 is launched with numerous enhanced features for eCommerce business. This new version offers Magento developers unbelievable scope and feasibility to upgrade and maintenance.

How Ecommerce Stores Can Benefit
If you’re still adamant of not changing your mind of Magento 2 migration then surely the following may enlighten you.

Enhanced Shopping Experience
Resolving the bugs and covering up the loopholes, Magento 2 newer version enables estores to provide a better shopping experience.

Estore Speed
The newer version also increases the speed of the website, making it easier and faster for website to land quickly whether on desktop or mobile.

Added Features
A wide range of store features has been added that can enable estore owners to add more variety of their products along with the latest features for easy handling of estore.

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Migration: Major Benefits of This Migration

Easy customization
With a lot of customization features, Magento 2 empowers store managers to easily personalize the store according to customer needs and latest trends.

With Magento thing happening in the industry, it is clear that Magento 1 is going to close down withdrawing all its support and quick patches. Ignoring this NEWS can definitely put estore businesses at risk. Successfully migrating to newer Version Magento 2 will be the right decision. And, if you’re looking for professionals who have expertise in handling such migrations, then allow us to help you in relocating your whole estore on the new platform. Being a leading Magento store development company, we are well acquainted with all the tools and technologies of this migration thing. And, with our Magento customization services, we aim to meet all the expectations of the e-retailers.

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