Analysis of the causes of the quality problems of cutting sheets

First, the raw material problem
The aluminum flat cutting disc is a complex system composed of a variety of main and auxiliary raw materials, the main materials are abrasives and bonding agents, and the auxiliary materials include fillers, reinforcing materials and the like.

1. Abrasive problems:

Abrasives are the main substances in the 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal for grinding. At present, the quality of abrasives on the market is mixed, and the main performances are as follows:

1) The chemical composition of the abrasive is often qualified, but the physical properties are poor, such as hardness, strength, self-sharpness, crush resistance, thermal stability, hydrophilicity, etc.;

2) The particle size composition of the abrasive is chaotic, which is quite different from the standard.

2, the binder problem:

In the dicing sheet, the abrasive particles are bonded together by a bonding agent, and the performance of the bonding agent directly affects the performance and quality of the dicing sheet.

1) The quality of the resin is unstable, and the free phenol content in the resin is high or low. The so-called free phenol is phenol remaining in the resin, the molecular formula is C6H5OH, long-term heating can ***** the hardened resin, affecting the strength of the cutting piece;

2) The resin powder and urotropine are not evenly mixed. The scientific name of urotropine is hexamethylenetetramine ((CH2) 6N4). As a hardener for the resin, the amount of urotropine is insufficient, and the resin is hardened. Completely, affecting the strength and hardness of the cutting piece; if the content is too high, the excess urotropine is not combined with the resin, and is decomposed and volatilized during the hardening process, so that the pores of the cutting piece are increased, and the strength and hardness are lowered. The resin powder and urotropine are mixed unevenly, and the consequence is that the urodose content is too high or too low;

3) The particle size of the binder is too coarse. It is generally considered that the particle size of the binder is fine, which is advantageous for uniform distribution of the binder and favorable contact of the hardener. If the particle size is too coarse, the molding material is not easily mixed uniformly, which affects the hardness and strength of the cutting piece. Even for the coarse-grained resin fiber cutting disc Chinese supplier sheet and the enamel-shaped cutting sheet, the size of the binder (resin powder) selected should be finer than 320#. A fine-grained dicing sheet product is produced with a particle size requirement of a few microns.

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